[olug] hardware diagnostics with Linux

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Mon Jun 28 13:56:39 UTC 2004

Daniel Linder wrote:

>Tim & Alethea Larson said:
>>The video intermittently blanks out for a time, seconds up to a minute,
>>and then it will be fine again for several minutes.  The video is
>>integrated into the motherboard on their Compaq.  They've had the
>>motherboard replaced once already for this problem.  I don't think the
>>problem is Windows because I see the same thing when booting from
>>Knoppix CD.
>Can you bring along a known good monitor to test with?  Could be the
>monitor getting warm and dying...
Hadn't thought of that possibility.  Thanks.


Tim & Alethea

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