[olug] hardware diagnostics with Linux

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Sun Jun 27 18:17:02 UTC 2004

My brother-in-law's PC is having problems that manifest awhile after 
boot.  Could be hardware, or it could be Windows.  *shrug*  Being the 
family computer guy, I said I would try to take a look.  Not being a PC 
tech "in real life", my experience troubleshooting that kind of thing is 
a little limited.  Any suggestions I could try to test the hardware 
(RAM, HD) before blindly reinstalling Windows (and crossing my fingers)? 
 I've got a Knoppix CD, if it has the tools I'd need.  Or a 
Windows-based solution would be OK too.


Tim & Alethea

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