[olug] Cisco Aironet 340 Wireless card

Scott Evans munkey1979 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 24 17:57:36 UTC 2004

--- neal rauhauser <neal at lists.rauhauser.net> wrote:
>  What is neat? I'm not on redhat and haven't been
> for a long time.

Neat is a Network Setup/Configuration Tool.

After I put up this post I tried different variations
of the "iwconfig" command with very little change.

I did "/sbin/iwconfig eth0 channel 6" to set it to the
correct channel on my AP/router.  I also tried a bunch
of different modes, "/sbin/iwconfig eth0 mode Auto"
also tried Managed, Ad-hoc, and Monitor.  Seems only
Managed can be set, I get errors when I try Auto,
Ad-hoc and Monitor modes. 

I still cant seem to get the interface up and running,
I have the status light on and the activity led is
blinking repeatedly, but I just can get the device
active and I cant ping my router/gatway or any other
nodes on my network. "/sbin/ifconfig still shows RX
and TX errors".  Im really confussed as to what to do

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