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OBrien, Timothy (Omaha Linux Users Group - OLUG) IrishMASMS at olug.org
Thu Jun 24 03:07:26 UTC 2004

The upcoming OLUG events?

1. July's meeting:
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My friend Puffy and What He Means to Me - A novice's first foray into OpenBSD

With its reputation for high security and operational complexity, OpenBSD
is seen as a serious approach/avoidance conflict for technicians looking
for greater system security.  Some of what is said about OpenBSD is true. 
Some of it is not.  The rest is a matter of opinion and discussion.  In
this brief look at OpenBSD from the first timer's vantage we will attempt
to confirm the truths, debunk the myths, take a glance at the pitfalls and
perils, and unearth the real "gems", available to OpenBSD administrators.

Bob Dunn (A+, MCSE NT4, CCNA, CEH) is a systems administrator and lead
technician at LifeCom International, a dispatch center for MedEvac
helicopters in Omaha, Nebraska.  After years of programming classes he
realized that, while he loved working with computers, he couldn't say the
same thing about programming.  Bob has over ten years of experience
building and repairing PCs, seven years in TCP/IP networking, and more
than five years experience working with Linux.  Bob started with OpenBSD
about one
and one half years ago.

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2. Installfest - July 17th
Sign up for help or to help here:

Other events of note, that other OLUG members will be going to, presenting
at, or helping with:
HOPE: http://www.the-fifth-hope.org/hoop/
DEFCON: http://www.defcon.org/
NebraskaCERT Confrence: http://www.certconf.org/

Timothy "Irish" O'Brien
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Omaha Linux User's Group (OLUG)
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