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Redhat announced their RHCA certification program today:

Red Hat is pleased to announce the new Enterprise Architect curriculum
and Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification, the first and only
master-level program in the Linux space. 

RHCA certification is a capstone certification to Red Hat Certified
Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT), the most
recognized, acclaimed, and mature certifications in the Linux space. An
RHCA's competencies will span servers running operations, back-end
databases and storage in the datacenter, corporate desktops, and beyond.

The full RHCA curriculum, available now, consists of four Enterprise
Architect courses and an upper-level security course. The Enterprise
Architect courses provide in-depth, hands-on training for senior Linux
system administrators responsible for the deployment and management of
many systems in large enterprise environments. These courses feature
equipment-intensive classrooms and build on the skills covered in the
Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) program, which is a prerequisite for
all 400-level courses. 

The RHCA exam, like Red Hat's other two certification exams, will be
entirely performance-based. Dates and availability will be announced
later this year.

If you have specific course questions or would like to register for
Enterprise Architect courses, visit 

Best Regards, 

Red Hat Global Learning Services

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[olug] Certifications - Linux


I don't know if everybody has seen this yet.  Novell's
new Linux certification is set to go live Monday.


Also CompTIA is going to be revising the Linux+
certification which will probably mean a new beta
period.  Which can be a cheaper way to get certified.


Suse might be an alternative to the RHCE certification
for some people.  Linux+ might be good for people with
less experience with Linux.


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