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jman at neonramp.com jman at neonramp.com
Mon Jun 21 22:24:46 UTC 2004

After reviewing the dhcp v3 man pages I was unable to see how to provide 
some remote machine the ablility to update a bind DNS entry with the
reomte machine ISP's newly assigned IP address. I don't know if I made
clear my first request but, what I look for is something that replaces the
services provided by TZO etc. I need something that will allow me to go to
another remote pc and VNC in or something like GoToMyPC.


> jman at neonramp.com wrote:
>> I am looking to turn on a DDNS server for remote DHCP clients.
>> Any tips on setting up a DDNS server linux with Bill clients/client
>> apps?
> If you can you should use ISC DHCP v3 and BIND v9.
> ISC DHCP v3 can send signed updates to the DNS server via PKI-ish
> mechanism called TSIG.  It'll prevent random people from changing DNS
> records.
> You should also consider puting the clients in their own subzone.
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