[olug] Proftp PassivePorts directive

John P. DiMartino john_dimartino at mac.com
Tue Jun 22 03:29:12 UTC 2004

Adam Lassek wrote:
> I'm having an issue with the PassivePorts directive in Proftp. I added
> the directive into the global section to use 51000-51999 as the passive
> port range, but the server is still sending me ports <1024. Has anyone
> run into this problem before?

I am running the latest version of Proftpd on FC 2 and the PassivePorts 
directive is working fine for me - but I'm using ports 10200-10210.

You might want to try a lower port range - that might help - otherwise 
check the caps because the file is case sensitive.

Otherwise, I don't have much good advice.

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