[olug] Coffee houses

djalexander at cox.net djalexander at cox.net
Tue Jun 15 14:00:02 UTC 2004

>>> Offers free wireless.
>> Yes they do - when it is working. They seem to have connection & DHCP
>> issues all the time; or at least it seems that way....
> 1. Offer consulting services
> 2. Fix Connection
> 3. Free Coffee!

I have actually done this.  When they first started offering wireless I 
went in and found that they were using a Linksys AP out of the box.  
They had the default SSID, admin password, etc.  I remedied the 
password issue and talked to the owner's about security.  They were so 
grateful they gave me free coffee for a month!  Recently, however, they 
have upgraded to a Belkin 802.11G AP.  I know this because once again, 
they are using the default SSID (Belkin54g), I haven't' checked to see 
if the password was the default that ships with Belkin gear.  This is 
an opportunity for someone else to fix them again!

Also, I think their connectivity issues are mainly due to the 
positioning of their AP, which is in the upstairs office toward the 
front of the building.  If you are sitting anywhere near the back of 
the building, or on the patio, you may get dropped frequently, or get a 
poorly established link that makes it difficult to have a reliable 
interaction with DHCP.

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