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Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Sat Jun 12 01:53:55 UTC 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:10:43 -0500 (CDT)
"OBrien,       Timothy  (Omaha Linux Users Group - OLUG)"
<IrishMASMS at olug.org> wrote:

|>> Would you consider volunteering for an OLUG presentation on OpenPGP?
|>> And/Or any related items like GnuPG, Mozilla/Enigmail, Linux/Win32
|>> setup-howto, key generation, etc.  Has there been one recently?
|>> Would anyone else on the list like to see this?
|> Hrm. . . I can try, but due to a very inconvenient work schedule, I
|> don't have much luck in making it out to OLUG meetings.  I'll see what
|I> can do, though.
|That would be super if you could - please contact me off list if & when
|you can present on the topic.

This is one of the presentations I've been wanting to put together for
some time now, just going over how to get it working in different email
clients.   Hey! here's an idea... since theres just so many email clients
out there, perhaps we could break it up to individuals make a howto/demo
for their particular email client.  Like I use "Sylpheed" and it's pretty
easy, but maybe not for someone new to it.  This would distribute the work
load easier.

Mozilla would be a good one to do, particularly on Windoze. (I did this
for my folks back home, but it was pretty limited at least it seemed with
firefox/enigmail and the like... perhaps its changed since like ver 0.5?)

Here's one for Kmail. (from Marcel Cagne again of course)

I think we need an OLUG Wiki for this!!  I would volunteer one on the
acm.unomaha.edu server in the mean time, but I can't access from the dorms
at UNO. (isn't UNO networking lovely)  I hope to have a server/site up
where I can do stuff like this soon. =)

|I thought NebraskaCERT also had a key server; but I can't find any info
|on it at the present time.

yeah, they sure did, I don't see it now either. keyserver.nebraskacert.org
just points to the CertConf in August.

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