[olug] Portknocker (from OLUG mtg/presentation)

OBrien, Timothy (Omaha Linux Users Group - OLUG) IrishMASMS at olug.org
Fri Jun 4 14:09:28 UTC 2004

<quote who="Jay Hannah">
> Dude, the CIA bugged the tables at that food court long ago. Y'all need
> to move. Since Tenet resigned today maybe you'd squeeze through the net
> for a couple more meetings, but I wouldn't chance it if I where you.
> The Patriot Act probably has a 2600 clause in there somewhere, you'll
> be classified as enemy combatants and held w/o representation @
> Guantanamo indefinately.... Then who would put all those InstallFest
> posters up? -grin-

Seriously, here are some links to clear the air regarding the CIA 'issue':

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