[olug] chmod u+s

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Thu Jun 3 23:37:34 UTC 2004

On Jun 3, 2004, at 6:29 PM, Phil Brutsche wrote:
> The question you need to ask yourself is "does the suid bit work on 
> shell scripts?".  It doesn't here (Debian "testing" aka sarge, kernel 
> 2.6.7-rc2-bk1)

Hmm... Perhaps I hit the "write a C wrapper!" phenomenon again? This 
seems to come up for me every 3 years or so. It continues to strike me 
as remarkably silly for shell scripts to not work and little 3-line C 
wrappers to work. I've never understood why C wrappers would ever be 
considered more secure.

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