[olug] Belkin KVM switch problems

Dave Thacker dthacker at omnihotels.com
Wed Dec 29 03:07:24 UTC 2004

We've just brought in a 16-port Belkin KVM switch (PS/2 keyboard connectors) 
to create a common console for our linux servers.   The computers we're 
attaching are all rack-mount HP servers running SuSE 9.0 and 9.1.  We're 
having a series of problems with this combination.  We've had to replace one 
switch becuase 8 of the 16 ports were dead.   When we attempt to boot using 
the replacement, we either get a keyboard error that won't allow the boot 
process to continue, or the boot process finishes and the keyboard does not 
respond .
I'm wondering if any of the OLUG folks have seen these problems and have found 
fixes for them.  

Dave Thacker
Senior Systems Administrator
Omni Hotels Reservation Center
V:402-952-6535 F:402-334-8013 M: 402-981-4613 (24/7)

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