[olug] wmv to something portable?

Adam Lassek adam.lassek at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 22:18:53 UTC 2004

What kind of tool is Windows Media Encoder? Is it linear or
non-linear? For Linear editing/encoding in Linux, avidemux is really
good; for non-linear, you can use kino.

On the windows platform, Virtualdub is one of the most useful encoding
tools available--and it's GPL software. There are lots of good
tutorials on how to use it at doom9.org. If you need non-linear
editing, you'll have to buy something. Vdub combined with Xvid
(http://www.koepi.org/xvid.shtml) is your best bet to make sure
everyone can use it.

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 10:46:39 -0600, Matt Payne <matt.payne at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've recently started to use Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9 Series
> to make small movies of how to do various things that will be handy
> for programming students at UNO
> (http://mattpayne.org/b.cgi/UNO/movies1.pf).
> I feel guilty.
> If you have personal experience with making similar movies with a tool
> that creates portable movies (Windows, Linux, Macintosh), would you
> please email me or the list?  Or a tool that takes an existing WMV
> file and makes something portable out of it?
> I'm not asking you to be google....    I'm asking if you experience
> with something that does this...
> Thanks very much! --Matt
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