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WOW!  Your service stays active in a storm!  Sometimes I felt that if someone within 5 houses sneezed my service went down. Notice the past tense, we got rid of Cox recently, and went back to dialup.


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On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 09:29:19PM -0600, Nathan D.Rotschafer wrote:
> As was previously mentioned...it isn't that you can't get around cox 
> not wanting servers.  It is trying to explain to other mail servers why 
> you don't have mail on port 25 that it is instead 995 (dunno how you 
> might even do this with normal DNS).

Hopefully you wouldn't choose 995 since that is for POP3-SSL. Anyway,
last I checked inbound SMTP works fine for me with Cox on port 25. It is
only outbound SMTP that they restrict and require to go through their
SMTP servers. This isn't really a problem, since you can just setup Postfix
or whatever MTA you use to use the Cox mailserver as a relayhost or do what
I did and setup a MTA on some other host to listen on *:2525 and set your
relayhost to that.

> And last qwest doesn't just "turn the other way" they really don't care if
> you do it and in fact encouraged me on several occasions to use the
> bandwidth to learn and do what I want.  Whereas, Cox could shut you off if
> they wanted to be mean about it...

     Qwest may terminate this Agreement, your password, your account, and/or
     your use of the Services, without notice and for any reason, including,
     without limitation, if you fail to pay any charges when due or, if Qwest
     believes you or someone using your account has violated this Agreement or
     the AUP.

Whether they advocate it now or not, they don't always have to. They can
just as easily wake up one morning and decide to ban it. They could then
enforce it with this bit of their TOS. My point being that it isn't just
Cox that can just "shut you off" but every ISP can. A weak argument, but
still a valid one.

In a previous e-mail, you also talked about how you laughed at people
because their Cox would go out in storms. I have never experienced this
problem. Being a customer of Cox Cable, Digital Telephone, and High-Speed
Internet, I have not seen any such type of outage. In fact, the time the
cable leading to the house was partially severed, we only lost phone
service while Internet and TV continued to work fine.

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