[olug] Backup of Windows workstation(s) to Linux server...

Daniel G. Linder dlinder at iprevolution.net
Wed Aug 6 19:45:23 UTC 2003


  I am currently looking at setting up my Linux workstation at home to be a backup server so that I can backup my wife’s WinXP workstation.  I have started playing with Amanda, but I noticed that it backed up the Windows workstations via a Samba connection – I was hoping to have a client-side app doing the “work” rather than using Samba to tar/cpio the files.  I checked out BRU, but their solution for the “personal edition” (i.e. home use) is to use Samba also.


  Has anyone else setup something like this?  Since it is for home use, $$$ is a big issue, but I don’t mind paying $50 or so to have the peace of mind of having good backups -- which I *will* test periodically! :-)




P.S. What have you found as an inexpensive tape drive for use at home?  My last tape drive was an old floppy connected tape drive and each tape only held 250MB!  Is there a tape drive in the sub-$150 range which is either IDE or SCSI attached and holds 4+GB on a tape?

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