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Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Thu Aug 28 05:23:37 UTC 2003

Please see inline...  

I've been trying to load the module "i8k" for my dell inspiron laptop
lately, and all I could do was tell it to manually load by editing a
startup script file (or maybe /etc/modules in debian, but can I still feed
it options to insmod?)... modules.conf didn't do it right.  Some of my
questions are relative to this post as well...

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 16:50:07 -0500
drose.SCANTRON at scantron.com wrote:

|If I make up an alias, i.e. alias easycon stallion, and put that in the
|modules.conf file, modprobe does not load it.  I verify that by doing an
|lsmod and do not see the module loaded.

* * *
This is basically my question here... how does one know "what" to name the
"alias"... where does this convention come up at?  Is it distribution
specific?  Like in RH, "alias sound-slot-0 emu10k" or something for a
sound card, why do we need the alias in the fist place, and why in
particular the string "sound-slot-0"??* * *

|If I do a modprobe -c|less, I do see the alias and module listed, but
|modprobe did not load the module.  In other words, it did see my entry in
|the modules.conf, but didn't load the module into the kernel.
|# Generated by modprobe -c (2.4.14)
|alias tty-ldisc-11 irtty
|alias tty-ldisc-14 ppp_synctty
|alias ppp-compress-21 bsd_comp
|alias ppp-compress-24 ppp_deflate
|alias ppp-compress-26 ppp_deflate
|alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
|alias usbdevfs usbcore
|alias easycon stallion    <= Module showes up here.=>
|# Options
|Now, Cyclades is listed as:
|alias char-major-19 cyclades
|alias char-major-20 cyclades
|so I thought that I would follow this format.  The major device number
|for the Stallion is:  24.
|I tried alias char-major-24 stallion.

* * *
Ok, how do you find out that it is major device number 24?
* * *

|Modprobe still does not load the modules into the kernel.
|So far the only way that I've been able to get the module to install at
|bootup is by placing it in /etc/rc.d/rc.local.  i.e.  insmod stallion.
|This works, but I don't thing that this is the proper way to do it.

* * *
I agree, same here.  I could insmod the module with all the options on the
command line just perfectly, but not into /etc/modules.conf  I even
created a file "i8k" (with the information necessary, requiring an
alias??) in /etc/modutils and did the update-modules command to make my
new /etc/modules.conf -- yeah, that didn't work. =(* * *

thanks, I've been meaning to ask this question...

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