[olug] OLUG Project Club???

Patrick Olsen rattatpat at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 26 15:33:38 UTC 2003

I would be willing to work on a Linux xbox project it just sits there any 
way might as well learn something new with it. I fried a couple xboxs trying 
to solder the d0 pin with the x 2pro mod chip had it working once but the 
wire came loose and went in to mess with it. As I was soldering my friend 
came in scared the he11 out of me and drip drip solder all over the board. 
Good thing Wal-Mart has great return policy not that I took back bad xbox I 
messed up or anything. I got the xbox for free from my boss for a good job 
gift or something like that not really sure why he gave it to me brand new 
out of the box so im willing to do anything with it really.

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>I've done the xbox linux.  What I'm curious about is a cluster of xbox's
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>I've been thinking about doing something similar to a
>book club for a while for Linux and other Open Source
>Projects.  The idea is instead of reading a book to do
>a project with some other intrested people, sharing
>experiences and the like, then pretty much give a
>report on the project at an olug meeting when things
>hit a pretty good point.  Also we'd put up our notes
>somewhere for those brave souls who follow after us.
>The overall proposed rules for the club would be
>pretty simple
>o - must be a relatively cool project
>o - cannot cost a huge amount of money: say $250 - Max
>already having a cheap PC or the like could reduce the
>amount by quite a bit
>o - while it does not have to advance the state of the
>art it must be semi-cutting edge or cool
>o - project can be ongoing, but has to reach a point
>where the level of effort goes down
>o - must be able to apply to people of multiple skill
>levels (hopefully the group will be able to help newer
>people have success :-)
>o - cannot expect huge amounts of time from the people
>involved a couple of hours a week should be sufficent
>to show progress
>Quick list of ideas (some are good, some bad - it is
>left to the read as an exercise to figure out which
>are which)
>o - xbox linux, several people on the list experiment
>with Linux and the xbox - perhaps taking different
>approaches e.g. full replacement, mod-chip and the
>o - linux on usb boot drives - linux in your pocket
>some distros such as Damn Small Linux http://www.damnsmalllinux.org
>would be ideal candidates for this.  Might also work into a security
>project I want to do sometime o - rolling out the 2.6 test kernels on
>test boxes and seeing how things go with a wide variety of hardware work
>loads and the like o - hacking tivos - they are embedded linux after all
>o - making freevos or other similar projects - I know a couple of people
>in the group, have already done this but I still have to o - something
>with the gnu radio project, have not done anything with this o - h323
>video conferencing/internet telephony under Linux o - Linux on WEIRD
>hardware?  E.g.  I have a webplayer from Virgin (which is a little
>flatscreen PC that I've been thinking about putting DamnSmallLinux on).
>I'm sure others must have equally weird machines E.g.  Old notebooks,
>one off hardware and the like.
>Who am I?  My name is Aaron Grothe.  I used to be
>President/CEO of a company called Heimdall Linux.  We
>were working on a Common Criteria certified version of
>Linux about 4 years ago before our VCs turned out to
>be crooks and that was the end of that.  I'm currently
>doing the DBA thing out at infoUSA.  I'm pretty much a
>lurker on the mailing list putting my head up every
>now and then.
>Personally, I'm probably going to do a Linux/Xbox
>sometime later this year and would be curious if other
>people are interested in little bit of reverse
>engineering and possible DMCA violations.  In the
>worse case I get a new black and green case for an
>athlon motherboard in the best case I get a new Linux
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