[olug] SCO Wackin' - confirmed three digit kill

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Tue Aug 26 13:48:04 UTC 2003

 So its a confirmed flock of ten slaughter and you're telling us there
are another 100+ machines that have been cleansed of these infidels?

Mike Hostetler wrote:
> okay, I'll go . . . .
> We have a product that always been based on SCO Openserver.  I've been
> trying (and begging and pleading) to have them port it to Linux for a
> long time.  When Caldera bought SCO, they said they were going to get rid
> of OpenServer, so we ported it to UnixWare (which Caldera renamed
> OpenUnix).  When SCO "came back" and re-comissioned OpenServer, our
> management said "enough is enough" and okayed a port to RedHat.
> We've had it GA'ed for a couple of months.  One new customer is already
> on it, two existing customers are already migrated, and others are in the
> process. Though we officially support all three now (OpenServer,
> UnixWare, and RedHat), we push the RedHat, and most are willing to go.
> Note that the ball started rolling before the lawsuits began.  Our
> mid-management got a little nervous about the $500 fee, but upper
> management said, "You aren't changing gears now, and we aren't paying
> them."
> If you wanna know how many SCO machines are replaced -- I can think of 10
> off the top of my head.  I know one of our customers have switched 100's
> of SCO boxes to Linux.
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