[olug] BSD interest

Mac Petras mac at petrasweb.com
Sat Aug 23 21:28:53 UTC 2003

I'm very interested. It's been on my list of ToDos for
quite a while.....
Mac Petras
Mac at PetrasWeb.com

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>    Can we get a show of hands from 1.) knowledgeable BSD users and 2.)
> people who want to learn more about it?
>     I mentioned a BSD installfest a while back and the only responders I
> saw were people who already had the stuff - that doesn't qualify as
> interest for an installfest IMHO.
>     If there is enough interest I'd be willing to help with an
> installfest and after that I'd be willing to teach something ... say
> four hours worth ... on how to maintain a FreeBSD install once its in
> place - firewalling, service control, how to install stuff from ports,
> how to do an OS upgrade, etc.
>     I'd also love to see a knowledgeable OBSD user step up and offer the
> same thing - I'm particularly in need of some pf wisdom and cvsup &
> major upgrade skills.
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