[olug] best broadband option?

Trent Melcher tmelcher at trilogytel.com
Tue Aug 19 20:12:43 UTC 2003

Try this link for info on COx.



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Thanks for the tips and opinions.

So far I've discovered that Qwest doesn't offer DSL at my new address, and
Cox doesn't have an 800 number.
Are there any other broadband providers?
Is Cox DSL or cable?

Sounds like I'll have to either pay a lot or jump through hoops to run a
server from home.  :P
Well it was a nice thought while it lasted.
I don't suppose there's a OLUG colo co-op?  :)

Since I'm no longer just lurking, here's a little more about me, by way of
I'm a programmer, and have done primarily web apps for 5 years.
(C, C++, Perl, Java, and the occasional ASP.)
My areas of geekdom are Macs, web, and databases - I aspire to greater *nix
geekiness.  :)
At home I run MacOS, Linux, and NetBSD - all on Mac hardware.
My wife runs Win98, but I'm going to convert her to Mandrake, though I'll
probably have to remind her that it WAS her idea.
On religious issues:  bash, vi, Blackbox.  :D
I'm becoming convinced that the Nebraska heat is going to melt this
Minnesota boy.

I still feel I'm relatively new to the LUG scene, but I guess I've been
involved with K-LUG here in Rochester for close to two years.
Looking forward to meeting some of you in the near future.
My address will be changing in a couple weeks, but I'll be around.


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Info. Services - Int. Med. Clin. Systems, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the
hand of God. - John F. Kennedy
I apologize for the irregular wrapping and quoting.  I use MS Outlook.
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