[olug] best broadband option?

Mac Petras Mac at PetrasWeb.com
Tue Aug 19 19:45:04 UTC 2003

Well, I just got QWest cable internet on Saturday(16th).
The one thing good I can say is that the tech rep seemed
pretty qualified....

However, QWest has decided to go with a new COM-21 brand
cable modem. Supposedly (according to the rep) it is
rated to be even faster than current cable modems using
the std DOCSYS 1.1 in general use.  Unfortunately, I
can't speak to the speed increase - I'll cover than in
the next para.  Anyway, the frustrating thing about this
modem is that it did not work with the Linksys Cable/DSL
router/firewall that I purchased a few months ago. It
should, but does not. Even tried a second COM-21, still
didn't work (tried a few other things, no dice).
Ultimately I ended up buying a new NetGear Router/FW and
all is well (turns out I think I like the NetG box better
- it's more flexible/configurable). And unfortunately,
you can't use you're own modem - it must be their's,
provided by them....but at least they don't charge for it
like COX does....

As for speed, well the tech rep said he uses this modem
at home and get 600 kb/m. I wasn't impressed. After we
had things working, I tested at CNET and DSL Reports and
got about 1280 kb/m (160 KB/m). Pretty good, but on COX I
regularly got almost 2400 kb/m (300 KB/m). However, the
UPSTREAM speed for QWest rated an almost equal 1200 kb/m!
Cox caps upstream speeds to 512 (IIRC)...so that is nice..
..if I need to upload much.....

The disappointing thing as far as IP address is....it's
DHCP but they use the private (10.) IP address range and
dynamic NAT it. Theoretically, you can call and see if
they'll do a static NAT for you (at some cost I'm sure),
but I don't see that being a long term available option...

But, ultimately, for the price (about $30/month), qwest
could be worse....I think.  I had COX Cable Internet for
years (since it'sinception in Omaha - the old @Home days)
and have had few problems, except for a few email server
issues.....  I'd still go with COX, but buy your own modem
(I did...not that it's any good to me now! LOL)

Whew! Any questions?

- Mac

Daniel Pfile said:
> I've heard from a 3rd person that quest cable modems are
> really bad.  Perhaps Mac Petras can comment?
> I like cox, but they don't let you run a server... (I ssh
> into home and  sometimes run other services on different
> ports, but they do watch  traffic) DSL is ok and available
> most places, but it's slow and
> expensive compared to cox. Especially since you'll have to
> go with a  premium provider that allows servers.
> Oh, and welcome to Nebraska. I'm a transplant myself, along
> with about  50% of the city it seems. What brings you here?
> -- Daniel
> On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 12:01 PM, Brandon Lederer
> wrote:
>> I've heard quest cable modems are the best.... but you
>> gotta live  between fort and harrison, west of 680, i
>> believe.  I am not unhappy  with Cox cable modem
>> service.... but i hate the 100 dollar cable bill.
>>  Service with cox has GREATLY improved.
>> Larson, Timothy E. wrote:
>>> I'm sure this is a question that gets asked a lot.  What's
>>> the best  option for broadband in Omaha, in terms of value
>>> and service?  Also,  I'd like to run a small server from
>>> home.  If there are any providers  that allow it and don't
>>> charge an arm and a leg for the static IP,  that would be
>>> good to know.  What options are available?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Tim the soon-to-be Nebraskan
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