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Just one further word of clarification.  Your "home directory" is not
the same as the directory named home.  

As Jay pointed out, "~" is the shortcut notation for "your home
directory," which in this case is equal to "/home/nate".  It is actually
defined by the shell variable HOME.

In systems that follow the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, users'
home directories are created under the /home directory.

I hope that untangles the business about home.  Bob

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The tilde (~) indicates the home directory for the current user.

which is what (from your email) as what you wanted to do.......

so you would end up with


if you want to put the tree somwhere else, take away the ~ and put the
full path to where you want it, or cd to where you want to put the tree
and do the mkdir without the first / i.e. mkdir -p rpm/BUILD

> I'm reading up on the rpm for mandrake at the mandrake-com site. Under

> 3. Preliminary tasks ....... 3.1  Create required folders it says to 
> create a tree under the home directory with this command
>  mkdir -p ~/rpm/{BUILD,RPMS/i586,RPMS/noarch,SOURCES,SRPMS,SPECS,tmp}
> I went to the home dir (my prompt looks like this --- 
> [nate at ip68-99-31-221 home]$ and invoked the command above and the 
> result was that it put the tree under
> the /home/nate direcory.  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
> thanks,
> Nate
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