[olug] vsftpd - only allow anonymous upload

Jeff Hinrichs jlh at dundeemt.com
Sun Aug 10 17:05:04 UTC 2003

Scenario: Allow users to upload files to a central area, but for 
security reasons not let them download or list the files.  Pretty much 
an upload only ftp server.

Q) Is it possible to only allow anonymous uploads via ftp?

A) Using vsftpd (ala rh9), I configured for no local users, anonymous 
and anonymous uploads.  I then tested the upload and it went fine. 
However, I could list and get the contents of the directory. (usually 
how people want things, but not me)  I then removed the ftp users read 
attribute from the directory
   chmod u-r .
I verified uploads and then attempted to ls the remote directory. It 
tried to give the listing but fails out with an error.
Next I tried to get a known file name and again it fails to open the 

It appears that I've met my goal.

Follow Up: Now that I've got it working, does anyone
A) see a flaw in my set up?
B) know of a better/easier way to accomplish the same?


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