[olug] Ethernet Auto-negotiation and Duplexing on Linux

Ryan O'Rourke ryano at ch-gifts.com
Fri Aug 8 18:39:16 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 13:32, Derek & Lisa wrote:
> Ethernet Auto-negotiation and Duplexing on Linux
> We recently had an issue where our Fiber provider informed us our Linux router 
> had to be hard set to auto negotiate off, 10mbps full duplex.  The unit in 
> question had old NE2000 complaint drivers/cards.   Currently there is 
> approximately 20% bandwidth drop across this unit.  Turning autoneg off and 
> settings the parameters manually is supposed to fix this throughput issue 
> according to our fiber provider.  The unit is connected directly to their 
> fiber equipment (starting with a Lucent switch) which apparently does not 
> like auto-negotiation.
> My questions are, should I trust ethertool?  And, does anyone have experience 
> with turning auto-negotiation off on an Ethernet device under Linux?

I don't know if you should trust ethertool or not, but have used
mii-tool with great results for these kinds of things in the past.
man mii-tool
It's very easy. Hope That Helps.

-- Ryan

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