[olug] Squid access with RAS server (revised)

Daniel G. Linder dlinder at iprevolution.net
Thu Aug 7 21:23:07 UTC 2003


You wrote:

> Therefore,

> > all dialup users are assigned a 10.1.10.x/8 address and Squid is not

> > allowing them web access.


> > ### squid.conf snippet ###

> > acl localnetwork

> > http_access allow localnetwork

> > http_access allow all

You say that they are assigned (i.e. through, inclusive), but then you have Squid setup to allow the network (i.e. through inclusive). You will need to change the Squid line to read : acl localhost

It has been a long time since I installed and configured Squid, but this appears correct...


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