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Jay Swackhamer Jay at
Tue Aug 5 17:10:10 UTC 2003

swap doesnt need to be more than 1gig, (if you are using that much, add

and I'd either add an /opt or /usr/local  for additional applications that
you dont want to re-install in the event of a distro switch......

Also, you need a /tmp that is large enough..... Printing apps build image
files in /tmp i.e. glabels, that can be hundreds of megs. Some browsers
download to /tmp first, then copy to the final location, etc....

if I was giving a recommendation for a disk 80+gig
/boot       100M      ext3
/             2G      ext3
swap          1G      swap
/dev/hda4             LVM
/var                  lvm   500meg to start
/usr                  lvm   6gig   to start
/usr/local            lvm   500meg to start
/home                 lvm   500meg to start
/opt                  lvm   500meg to start
/tmp (if / is smaller)lvm   1gig   to start

For smaller drives/newer users
/boot 100M
swap   1gig
/     10gig
/opt or /usr/local whatevers leftover

> I usually go with the following separate partitions on a production
> system.
> /boot 100 MB
> swap  2.5 times size of RAM with max size of 2 GB
> /     256 MB or greater
> /var  256 MB or greater
> /usr  6 GB or greater
> /home remainder of drive

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