Off Topic: Partitioning (was: Re: [olug] Upgrade HD ?)

Christopher Cashell topher at
Tue Aug 5 05:24:33 UTC 2003

At Mon, 04 Aug 03, Unidentified Flying Banana Jay Swackhamer, said:
> 2. partition the new drive the way that you would like it
>   i.e.
>    250MB   /boot
>    10Gig   /
>     5gig   /home
>     1gig   swap
>    1000000g  /opt

I know this is pushing towards off topic, but I just wanna throw out
that I *strongly* suggest always having a separate /var partition, or at
least a separate /var/log partition (or both).

I've seen (on more than one occasion) where a machine without a separate
(/var|/var/log) partition ended up dying because, for one reason or
another, log files grew to the point where the root partition ran out of
space.  The Kernel doesn't like it when that happens. ;-)


>   cd ${LV_MOUNT1}; find . -xdev -depth -print | cpio -pdm ${LV_MOUNT2}

This is a good safe way to copy files and retain attributes/information.

> Jay Swackhamer

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