[olug] Spring cleaning part IV

Phil Brutsche phil at giedi.obix.com
Fri Mar 29 06:15:23 UTC 2002

After a brief rest, I have resumed digging out stuff to sell/give away.

1) 8 3com 3c509/3c509B ISA ethernet cards; they all have RJ45 ports, but
some are RJ45+AUI or RJ45+AUI+10base5 (errr I *think* it's 10base5).
10base5 is Coax, for those younguns among us :)  Unknown condition; free.

2) 1 older Antec ATX case + 300W PSU from CompUSA, perfect working order.
$15.  This baby has clean enough power to feed one of those new Athlons or
P4s.  It's one of these:

3) 1 newer Antec ATX case + 250W PSU, perfect working order.  Don't expect
this one to feed anything fancier than a "high-end" PII or "low-end" PIII
:)  $15.  This one is a member of Antec's "Value" series of cases.
Picutures at http://www.antec-inc.com/product/cases/valu288.htm.

4) 1 8MB IDE flash drive pulled from a now defunct WatchGuard firewall.
Behaves just like a reeeaaally small IDE drive but has NO moving parts.

5) 1 internal 14.4k ISA modem.  Worked when I put it in the bag - $5.

6) 1 DB9 serial 3 button mouse.  Yes, sir, a serial mouse! :)  Unknown
condition, free.

7) 1 "LaserJet Internet Publishing Kit", dated 1997.  Free.

8) 1 CD cleaning kit.  No idea if it's still good or not.  Free.

9) 1 bag of misc. 30-pin memory chips; unknown quantity - easily 20+,
unknown condition.  Free.

10) 1 bag of misc. 72-pin memory chips; unknown condition.  Keep in mind
that some of these are meant for an IBM PS/2 '386 or '486 system, and
won't work in anything else.  Free.

And following our long-standing tradition... contact me privately if you
want any of it.

Ok, that's it for now.  God, it didn't realize how much stuff I had
accumulated - there may even be a part V to my "Spring cleaning" saga!

Oh, and those of you who have claimed things and need to contact me to
arrange to pick it all up - please do so!

And for those of you who have claimed things but I need to call you - hang
tight!  I'll be contactin' ya...




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