[olug] Of Interest to UNO Students, Faculty & Staff

Marc Davis mwd at cox.net
Tue Mar 26 23:29:22 UTC 2002

The UNO Library is conducting a 30-day trial of Safari Tech Books OnLine.  
This provides searchable, full-text access to hundreds of titles including 
entire O'Reilly corpus and books from other leading technical publishers such 
as Addison-Wesley Professional, New Riders, Prentice-Hall PTR,  PeachPit 
Press, Adobe and Macromedia.  

If you are a UNO student, faculty or staff member, you can access Safari 
without restriction from on-campus or remotely if you have a current Library 
barcode.  If you're not affiliated with UNO, you can still get Safari by 
using any public computer (or your laptop - DHCP or wireless) in the UNO 

This is very expensive and considerable feedback is needed from users. 

http://library.unomaha.edu/special/safari.php3 or follow the link from the 
Library's home page at http://library.unomaha.edu/

Hope you find this of interest.



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