[olug] qmail - install - trying the test bit...

Michael J Schumacher schu777 at cox.net
Thu Mar 21 06:21:29 UTC 2002


Now I now what everyone likes and dislikes...I've install qmail by following the steps in lifewithqmail.org section 2.  Everything went fine except for the ./config part 2.5.5 - it didn't work so I did ./config-fast localhost.localdomain and that seemed to work...

Now the problems:

I'm going through the /var/qmail/doc/TEST.deliver document and on step 3 it appears to work, but I've tried "echo to: root |..." and also to another user, nothing shows in the "mail" - what's wrong?

If someone out there has experiance in setting one of these qmails to work with Cox.net, let me know and what files you would like to look at..I'll send them to you off the list.

Thanks, Michael

PS: Now it's time to look at that JSP book...

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