[olug] Spring cleaning part II

Phil Brutsche phil at giedi.obix.com
Wed Mar 20 05:56:31 UTC 2002

Ok, I've dug out even MORE stuff to give away.

1) 1 ISA VGA board.  Free.

2) 1 Adaptec 1542 ISA SCSI card, unknown condition, with 50-pin SCSI
   cable.  Free.

3) 1 Adaptec 2906 PCI SCSI card, non-bootable, unknown condition.  Free.

4) 5 Adaptec PCI 10/100 ethernet cards, unknown condition.  Free.

5) A lone 3com 3c905, unknown condition.  Free.

Again, contact me privately if you want any of it.  The video card goes in
the dumpster at the end of the week; everything else goes up on eBay at
the end of the week.




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