[olug] Fw: [ORBZ-Secondary] Shutdown

Brian Roberson roberson at olug.org
Wed Mar 20 05:09:16 UTC 2002

this sucks....

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> Here's the email that those of you with forward sight
> have been fearing since the inception of ORBZ.
> As of this moment, ORBZ is shutting down.  DNS zones
> are going to stop resolving, the website will disappear
> and mail will stop working (so furthur discussion on
> this list probably won't work -- use NANAE).
> I don't want to disappear in silence like ORBS, so I'll
> try for as much description as possible without
> compromising my own position.
> I received an official court notice this afternoon to
> turn over all information relation to ORBZ accounts.
> This came from the 10th Judicial District court of the
> State of Michigan.  It appears that ORBZ may be facing
> criminal charges for denial of service relating to the
> Lotus Domino issue.
> I was happy to try to weather any civil issues that may
> have come up, and I was committed to seeing it through.
> However, the threat of jail time is too much; I don't
> believe in this fight quite that much.
> Thank you all for all your support.  I sincerely hope
> that someone with the goal of carrying on the mission
> of ORBZ pops up in another country with a less
> foreboding legal system.  Anyone who has copies of the
> current zones may do with them what they wish.
> For those of you stuck without good spam filtering,
> please consider ORDB and SpamCop; they both provide
> excellent free solutions.
> Ian Gulliver
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