[olug] DVD Audio

mesc mescie at cox.net
Sat Mar 16 08:24:52 UTC 2002

I'm trying to  help a friend with a small favor.He likes this one
concert DVD and he would like the soundtrack of it to listen in his car
and at work,etc.He'd gladly shell out a few bucks to buy the soundtrack
cd but they don't offer it for sale,at least under the name like his
DVD.So he asked me if I could rip the audio off it and convert it to a
.wav and burn  it to cd for him.I realized this is considered not
record/DVD company friendly but I told him I'd try it this once.Now for
the "dilema",none of the multimedia software on my mandrake 8.1 box will
seperate the audio from the video and then convert it to a .wav or a
.mp3.Does anyone know of a program that will do this?

                    Thank you,Gary


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