[olug] Word Doc/or rtf to pdf

Mike Hostetler thehaas at binary.net
Mon Jul 22 21:50:21 UTC 2002

On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 04:34:37PM -0500, Craig Wolf wrote:
> Anyone know a program that will do that in Linux (other than paying
> Adobe)?  I need to get a Word or RTF document into Adobe Pagemaker 6.5
> and I am having "issues" in making that happen. Ultimately this will all
> be on a Win machine so don't shoot me...
> TIA!!

I've messed with this, with a bit o' sucess . . .

First off -- don't you mean "Abobe Acrobat" instead of "Pagemaker"?
Acrobat (as opposed to the free Acrobat Reader) only costs $30-$40, and
will render Word to PDF by hitting a button in Word.

As far as free software goes, there isn't much.  Abiword on Linux has a
PDF Writer that almost works, but the Windows version doesn't have it.  A
quick Google turned up this page:


Which has some info (do a search on RTF).  I dunno how well it would work
on Window, though. 

Your best bet it to spend $40 on Acrobat.  On click, it's done.

-- mikeh


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