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Matthew G. Marsh mgm at midwestlinux.com
Mon Jul 22 13:20:39 UTC 2002

Well the fiasco with the 2.4.18 PakSecured (DO NOT USE THE ONE FROM THE
WEBSITE!!) is finished. I found and fixed the init scripts and several
binaries. (note to self - do not cross compile on an athlon...)

If anyone is interested in playing with the new one let me know. The
tar.bz2 on the website will be fixed by tomorrow along with the boot
images. The ISO will take a wee bit longer. The SNMPv3 is not yet in the
tar file and that is the one thing I have to finish up for the ISO.

We are beginning work on PakSecured-X which will have XFree 4.2 and Open
Office installed (along with GIMP etc). While I personally use and prefer
Fvwm95, it sounds like KDE3 rocks. Any other suggestions?

Matthew G. Marsh,  President
Paktronix Systems LLC
1506 North 59th Street
Omaha  NE  68104
Phone: (402) 932-7250
Email: mgm at midwestlinux.com
WWW:  http://www.midwestlinux.com


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