[olug] Fundraiser to make Blender Open Source

floyd shadowman99 at eudoramail.com
Fri Jul 19 22:50:38 UTC 2002

I've seen a few Blenderheads at the meetings and thought there might be
some interest in this. Blender, a very cool 3D program from the now
defunct NaN software, is the focus of a drive to make it Open under the
GPL. Ton Roosendaal sent this to all registered owners of Blender, but I
thought I would forward this to the list. 

In a nutshell, they have to pony up 100k to the former investors to
release the intellectual property. Once the money is raised, there will
be a two week period where members get first crack at downloading the
code. And then Blender is GLP and free to dl and hack to your heart's

I gave 50 bucks earlier today and hoped a few of you might do the same.

Blender mailing list follows ======================================

Dear Blender user,

Finally some good news. It looks like Blender will get a new future. 
I've managed to make a deal with the investors in NaN, to agree on a 
plan to make Blender become an open source project, published as GNU 
GPL. This will be organized by an independent non-profit organisation, 
the 'Blender Foundation'.

You can read about this at the Blender site:


Before you go there... there's one 'but' involved. The Foundation will 
have to pay 100k euro (or USD) to NaN in order to make it happen. That 
money will be collected with a campaign during the next month. I 
honestly expect we can find big sponsors to help us out, but I'm afraid 
it also comes down to you, as the individual Blender user.

I hope you consider making a donation; you can become Foundation Member 
for 50 euro (or USD), which will also give you some nice extras during 
the campaign.

Let's make Blender Free Software forever!

-Ton Roosendaal-
Blender Foundation

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