[olug] RH 7.3 froze up?!?!!?!

Mike Hostetler thehaas at binary.net
Fri Jul 19 04:50:27 UTC 2002

Are you running the Crossover plugin? I've had something similar to this 
happen to me with that. It had to do with the OSS sound drivers in the 
2.4.18 kernel.

If you don't have Crossover, but have sound configured, it may be a 
place to start. Try booting with an alternative kernel.

If you have another machine, and you can plug the network into the 
laptop, have you tried telneting to it?

just some random ideas. Some more info would be helpful, like -- has 
this laptop ran Linux before? If so, what distro was it? What kernel was it?

Timothy G. O'Brien wrote:

>Well I just booted up my laptop to RH 7.3 - when it promptly froze up. I still have the KDE desktop, but can not get anything else or the cursor to move. 
>How the hell do I shut it down, other than unplugging the power & battery?
>Why would this happen? Any way to prevent it in the future?
>Thanks from the Linux & RH 7.3 newbie....


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