[olug] Wireless Security?

Eric Penne epenne at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 14:30:52 UTC 2002

<name withheld> offers greater security for Customers. The Wireless
equipment from <name withheld> uses a form of encryption called Wired
Equivalent Privacy Algorithm (WEP) to scramble data sent to our
network. This ensures eavesdroppers will not pick up your data. More
government offices are moving to wireless networks due to their
security, flexibility, and cost-effective implementation. As a final
safeguard, we recommend (and can supply) the use of a firewall
configured to give your network extra protection. If you need a secure
network, wireless is second to none. 


I read this on a website for wireless internet access.  I thought WEP
was considered relatively insecure now?  I would not consider wireless
access security "second to none".

Can anybody shed some more light on how secure wireless is right now?


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