[olug] Looking for an Alternative to Microsoft? Caldera Has One for You! (fwd)

Matthew G. Marsh mgm at midwestlinux.com
Tue Jul 16 16:48:21 UTC 2002

Anyone interested in attending let me know as we are Authorized Caldera
Partners so you would sign up under our logo.

Matthew G. Marsh,  President
Paktronix Systems LLC
1506 North 59th Street
Omaha  NE  68104
Phone: (402) 932-7250
Email: mgm at midwestlinux.com
WWW:  http://www.midwestlinux.com

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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 09:32:58 -0700
From: Michelle Robertson <CalderaMarketing at caldera.rsc01.com>
Reply-To: Michelle Robertson <partners at caldera.com>
To: sales at paktronix.com
Subject: Looking for an Alternative to Microsoft?  Caldera Has One for You!

Dear Matthew,

Register today for FREE technical training from Caldera and IBM!


Caldera and IBM would like to invite you to a free two-day technical workshop taking place near you.  This workshop will show you how to build, deploy and deliver a Linux-based email server for your customers who are facing Microsoft’s licensing ultimatum. At the workshop you’ll learn to:

* Install and administer Linux as a foundation for back office systems such as email and calendaring
* Build a secure mail server using Caldera Volution Messaging Server and IBM eServer xSeries servers
* Deploy an end-user interface by connecting to popular client software such as Microsoft Outlook
* Integrate Steltor Corporate Time for calendaring and scheduling

Dates and Citites:
July 22-23 = San Jose, Dallas, New York
July 25-26 = Montreal, Chicago, Seattle
July 29-30 = Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Mississauga

Seating is limited at each venue so register today for the city nearest you!


See you there!

Michelle Roberts
North American Marketing Manager
Caldera International, Inc.

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