[olug] OT: After installfest

Jonathan Warren jonwarren at cox.net
Mon Jul 15 19:00:30 UTC 2002

This whole topic is really pretty depressing.

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 01:34:48PM -0500, Jeremy Bettis wrote:
> > (I get WAY more attention now that I have the 'ring' than I ever did
> > without it.  I think it's a safety thing.)
> And that strikes me as very odd.  What kind of safety or security is
> there in a married man that is willing to flirt with other women while
> his wife is not around.  Here's a thought, if he's willing to leave his
> wife to see you, then he'll be willing to do it again later when you are
> the wife.
> Perhaps it's not safety at all, just a "Oh look here is a man that's not
> afraid of commitment"
> Oh well, no one ever said women were logical.


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