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Mon Jul 15 18:49:14 UTC 2002

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> > (I get WAY more attention now that I have the 'ring' than I ever did
> > without it.  I think it's a safety thing.)
> And that strikes me as very odd.  What kind of safety or security is
> there in a married man that is willing to flirt with other women while
> his wife is not around.  Here's a thought, if he's willing to 
> leave his
> wife to see you, then he'll be willing to do it again later 
> when you are
> the wife.
> Perhaps it's not safety at all, just a "Oh look here is a man 
> that's not
> afraid of commitment"
> Oh well, no one ever said women were logical.

I think it's just an issue of laziness, esp. if you look at it from a
biological/evolutionary point of view.  These women see the ring as meaning
"Someone else has deemed this male as being worthy of providing for her
offspring.  That's good enough for me!" which manifests itself consciously
as physical/emotional attraction.

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