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Larry.Britton at i-structure.com Larry.Britton at i-structure.com
Sun Jul 14 13:01:11 UTC 2002

Anybody interested?  email me off list and I will respond with contact info.
larry.britton at i-structure.com

We are currently looking for a senior individual to manage and help support
our Network Operations within the (i)Structure Tempe, AZ data center.

Purpose of the Position: 
This position will provide daily operations oversight for all
network-related activities within the Tempe AZ Data Center (TDC) and will
coordinate with other teams to ensure internal processes and communication
standards are followed.  This position will have considerable customer
interaction and will be responsible for the daily maintenance of customer
networks that utilize the Tempe facilities.  Accordingly, this position is a
key network operations focal point, and will help guide the  network
operations strategy as a key member of the Network Services organization.
Key tasks for this position include:
· Manage TDC change control assignments, ensure all needed groups have
assignments for both work to accomplish and appropriate communications for
all work efforts
· Develop strong working relationships with all TDC staff to ensure buy-in
to meet critical and often urgent deadlines
· Work with Account Managers to set appropriate and realistic timelines for
projects and work efforts
· Continually refine processes to streamline work for both managed
network/server customers and non-managed network/server customers
· Provide feedback to department directors on team performance and co-worker
· Handle operational and project-related issues, and resolve coordination
problems across work teams along with other issues as they arise.


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