[olug] Installfest for 7/12/02

Adam Haeder adamh at omaha.org
Fri Jul 12 22:49:12 UTC 2002

Details about the Installfest tomorrow.

The official time is noon - 6 pm. The building will be open at 10 am for 

We will have 3 rooms available, 2 labs and the lounge. You can have 
systems setup anywhere. There will be 2 spots in the lounge where you can 
have network access, plus others where there is power only. There is 
network and power in both labs.

I have handouts available on the following subjects:
Setting up a chroot shell for a user
Introduction to GnuPG
Introduction to Tripwire
Setting up a CIPE VPN

These documents are also available at http://www.omaha.org/~adamh/docs/, 
along with some Linux books in PDF format.

There is an ftp server on the network at You can do network 
installs of Mandrake 8.2 and RedHat 7.3. This system also has a burner in 
it where you can burn cds for people. We will hand out Disc 1 only of 
Mandrake 8.2 by default. If someone wants more cds, they need to supply 
their own blanks.

We should have plenty of monitors, keyboards and mice available to use. I 
have patch cables available, plus crimpers and RJ45s if someone needs to 
make more cable.

Unfortunately, due to family committments, I will not be able to make it 
tomorrow. However, Brian will be there, along with many others, so I'm 
sure things will go well.

Have a good Installfest and I'll see you all soon!

Adam Haeder
adamh at omaha.org


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