[olug] HuskersNSide Football WebCast

Andrew andrew at einer.org
Sat Aug 31 19:11:38 UTC 2002

I tried to register on their site.  It says it doesn't require Flash 6, 
but it won't let you go any further without downloading it.  

On another note, is this a free webcast?  

David Walker wrote:

>I know some of the technical team involved in this  They are Linux users and 
>I'm sure they are looking at how to support Linux and MacOS clients and I'll 
>be sure to put in my ideas.
>Of course with a project this big I'm sure there are a lot of political issues 
>and stuff.  The final decision may not be a technical one.
>I do not know how long they are locked into the current technology for.
>On Saturday 31 August 2002 10:26 am, (Via wrote:
>>The following is an email I sent to the people at Huskers.com:
>>You have a great site that I usually go to first when looking for
>>husker information. Why would you require me to use an internet
>>browser, media player, and operating system from a confirmed monopoly
>>to view the Husker game?  You will not see me sign up for a
>>HuskersNSide account because of this.  Even though RealPlayer uses a
>>proprietary codec they still produce a viewer for other operating
>>systems.  You should strongly consider not requiring Windows Media
>>Player and IE for broadcast of the games.  Using standards based web
>>creation will increase your readers.    Other browsers such as Opera,
>>Mozilla, and Netscape support these standards as does Internet
>>Explorer, therefore it doesn't make sense to only support one browser.
>>Using RealPlayer as a streaming media format also makes sense because
>>then just one encoding server can support Windows, Mac, Linux, and
>>other platforms.  These other platforms make sense to support because
>>of the nature of approximately 10% of the viewers to this game will be
>>on campus.  The University of Nebraska has a very diverse computer
>>base.  Many of the viewers will be using MacOS and Linux.  Depending on
>>where your stream would be coming from it might be possible that most
>>of the traffic would be internal to campus and therefore not eat up as
>>much external bandwidth which would be much more efficient and allow
>>you to attract more external customers for the game.
>>Nevertheless, you have chosen to require software from a monopoly,
>>software that doesn't support all of the possible viewers/customers.
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