[olug] .net or.org addresses

Andrew andrew at einer.org
Fri Aug 30 14:04:22 UTC 2002

.org tlds aren't really reserved just for non-profit organizations. 
 Anyone can register one.  You just run the risk of having it taken away 
if a real non-profit wants it (I think).  .net's are available to anyone.

The cheapest registrar I've found that also provides DNS hosting is 
gandi.net, they run about 12.00 euros, or roughly 12 dollars american 
per domain per year.  I've never had a problem with them that wasn't my 

You can search for unused domain names on a linux box by using the 
command whois

whois einer.org

for example will print out all the DNS hosting info and contact info for 
my domain.

Domains that are available won't have this output, they'll say something 
like 'no such record'.

I hope this answered your question,

roger schmeits wrote:

>Where do i start to look for available addresses for .net & .org
>addresses. What is the conditions and can a non-profit org get either
>I am assuming I will start at network solutions and go from there.
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