[olug] Next meeting – next Tuesday?

Dan DeVries ddevries at cotse.net
Wed Aug 28 21:48:09 UTC 2002

Gentoo and Newbie that's an oxymoron ...  no one laughed ... ok it 
wasn't funny
Actually thats a great Idea.  I learned a lot when I switch to Gentoo ( 
A long time ago ) for a while but alas compiling everything took too 
long for me.
If no one else wants to I might be willing to do a bit regarding Gentoo 
but I won't have much time to perfect  it.

social gathering,  Got it ;-)


Timothy G. O'Brien wrote:

>Now that we are recovered from DEFCON; the next OLUG meeting is coming up. I have yet to see a presentation & topic mentioned – so can someone do a bit regarding Gentoo (since it has been talked about a lot in the list lately, and it would be a good topic for us newbies)?
>Secondly, for all interested – there will be a OLUG social gathering at the Cresent Moon after the normally scheduled meeting. Thought I would mention it; not wanting to leave anyone out... and now, do not say I never mentioned it to anyone! :)

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