[olug] Help! School in CB needs computer help.

Tom Rose trose at cox.net
Wed Aug 28 13:57:24 UTC 2002

Again...any help needed?...Just write or call me.  402.660.0245  Tom

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My 6 year old daughter just started 1st grade at Trinity Lutheran
Interparish School in CB.  I spoke with the new principal, and they lost
guy that helped set up the small computer lab, and he has plans to
all the teachers in the classrooms, the office, and the computer lab.  

Cox has volunteered a free internet connection, and there is cat 5 run
almost every room.  I am going there this week, probably thursday or
fri, to
do an inventory.  Each room has one PC, unknown OS, processor, memory
the office has a couple pcs, the lab has 15-20 pcs, about half have
something wrong (hd bad, no sound etc.)

I'm thinking this would be a great linux project, but I have to admit my
interest is great, but the skillset is wanting.  

Anyway, it's not what you know it's who ya know, and I've seen what
when geeks get together on a project like this( kinda like a pitbull on
postman delivering omaha steaks) 

I'm thinking along the lines of the k12linux.org projects, and I am
equipment donations.  

any input/advice would be appreciated

Larry Britton      

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