[olug] urpmi

William E. Kempf williamkempf at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 27 20:46:18 UTC 2002

There's an interesting package manager out there called "portage".  It's the
package manager used by Gentoo Linux.  Sounds very interesting and is
something I'd love to try out.  The most interesting thing about this
package manager is that it's source based.  The original source archives are
downloaded and built auto-magically, insuring they are optimized as you want
them to be.  Despite the source based approach, uninstalls are still
automated, upgrades are automated, and remote updates are still possible.
In fact, you can update your entire system with a single call.  But I'm not
going to switch my distro just to do try it out.  Anyone know if you can
download and install just the portage system on another distro, and if so,
where to go to do this?

Bill Kempf

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