[olug] OT: Cheap cisco routers?

Trent Melcher tmelcher at trilogytel.com
Sun Aug 25 19:22:40 UTC 2002

Don't replace it, just add a cheap hub or switch to it.  Just remember
the 2 switch rule, and everything should be fine.


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With the advent of me buying a new powerbook, I'm running out of ports
on my cheapo broadband router/switch. Currently there are 4 computers
between me and my roommates, and it only supports 4. I'm going to need 2
more ports for the laptop (normal ethernet + wireless access point
ethernet). So I'm thinking of picking up a relatively cheap 8 port
switch to replace it, but I'm going to lose it's routing capability. I'd
like to use this as a chance to learn some cisco stuff. I know i know, I
could use my linux box to route, but I tend to do alot of kernel and
hardware changes to this machine, and don't like kicking my roommates
off the internet all the time. I also don't want to add another computer
just for routing to the mix.

So what I need is some sort of router that has:
2 ethernet ports (switch and cable modem)
IP QOS (my roommates like streaming audio/video, I don't like it lagging
VPN (I don't trust wireless encryption, allthough the linux machine
could probobly do this)

Ideally I'd like to spend around $200. But I could go up to $300 if I
had to. The cisco 806 looks like it's just what I need, but I was
wondering if anybody on the list knew of any older generation routers
that would do what I need for less money. The 806 goes for about
$330-$450 on ebay...

Thanks in advance.

-- Daniel Pfile - daniel AT pfile DAWT net

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