[olug] securing rh7.2 box

roger schmeits schmeits at clarksoncollege.edu
Thu Aug 22 15:09:40 UTC 2002

Having install 7.2 with all updates using apt-get (very nice package --
should check it out) with Bastille-Linux I am fuzzy on where to begin.

I need to harden this box for Internet usage. i.e. it will be a smtp
gateway for our company. would like to secure this machine to a very a
reasonable level (which is??? please suggest!).

Next process will be replace sendmail with postfix (no offense to
sendmail fantics). done just finished a few minutes ago

Run Bastille-linux. done.

Further shutdown unneeded services. next

replace ipchains with iptables.

Have downloaded Securing & Optim. Linux v1.3 from www.openna.com and
will work thru this doc.

Any other suggestions?


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